Imagine living a life where you feel 




and you allow yourself more pleasure.



Let's Re-light That Zest for Life Inside You. 

Are you over feeling flustered, totally time- strapped, like a scatter brain, constantly overwhelmed, and tired? 

Do you want to grow a family AND have a career? Though you wish you had more time for play too? 

Are you expecting your first (2nd or 5th) child? And the feeling of fatigued, worry and stretched thin is becoming a norm for you?  

Are you a Mumma already (furr or human babies) totally time-strapped between housework, business and leaisure? You want to prioritize yourself but feel an on coming burnout?

It's time to strip back and get your SPARK back. 

Women. Soul Sisters. Devine Beings. 


I know how annoying it can be to feel like you're in a never-ending loop. You have a great life on paper but something's off...  and trying to think your way out of isn't helping.

I would come home, after  a days work, feel depleted and get ready to force a smile entering the home door. 

It seems only at a time of crisis, do we humans STOP and reflect out way of life. 

DO it before it's a catapult or disaster. If you are feeling the itch and dread now, it's time to clear your mind. 

Be Brave and lean inward to listen...

Pushing, prodding, and trying to control things from a place of fear, is what may be be running you down.

Shift from SHY to Super Savvy;

My favourite 6x step Journal Prompts to Shake off those crept in doubts and create your own empowering statement. 


Stripping it back to your baseline will help you...

...feel more at ease in your body more present with those you care about

...enjoy more pleasure and feel at peace in your environment

...boost your energy and confidence, finally saying 'bye bye' to that damn decision fatigue. 

Life-force energy (chi/Qi) is all around us, in motion all the time. If you are blocking it by tightly gripping onto certain things (metaphorically or physically) you aren't allowing that energy to flow freely through you.



Get messy. 

Use your hands. 

Don't over think it. 





Be more productive. 

Hone in your Focus. 

Understand your body.

Know what drives you. 







Get back your zest for life  by returning to your natural state of bliss. Remember who you truly are.  

Fuel For Energy

Double Your Energy, by simple tweaks a 5-year-old can understand. Feeling light and ready to jump out of bed with enthusiasm! 
(no coffee or supplements required)

Give me some of that!

Focus & SOAR
(coming soon)

Tactics to make daily life easier. Quit pushing and prodding till burning out. Hack it and be more productive. Shift your environment and clear your mind.

Fun Feels
(coming soon)

Embrace childlike play, tapping into your creativity and intuition. Unnumb yourself, and process your feelings through your body. Movement and Physiology exercises.  

Hey there!


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I’m passionate about enabling courage and creativity. 

As a portrait photographer for many years, I've seen people from all walks of life, hung up on their imperfections and craving more confidence, and wishing they were creative. It's a simple shift in your beliefs and building up the courage muscle to do so. 

Before I dove into yoga coaching and healing, I also worked in real estate photography, which allowed me to observe how our ENVIRONMENT plays a HUGE role in how we act and express ourselves. Going into people's homes I could see how it directly reflects our inner confidence.

After sifting and shifting my own space around me and the energy within me, I felt such a surge of joy and ease. 

This is why I am so inspired to help you create more space in your life; through your body and your home.

"I had the privilege to work with Jackie in the 7 levels deep session, twice. She was able to facilitate this exercise with so much empathy, compassion, and curiosity. Due to her guidance, I was able to uncover the deepest of motivations within my subconscious. Subsequently was able to make meaningful changes in my life. I would recommend this exercise to anyone who is seeking clarity and an increased level of peace. Jackie’s unique personality traits enable those she works with, to go on a life-altering journey of self-discovery."



"I feel more flexible, stronger and free afterward. It was an amazing kickstart to get in better shape for this year. You have an amazing knack for teaching yoga. I really enjoyed it."


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Extra resources to managing your energy, rebuilding your inner confidence, and channeling your creativity.  

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