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Here to help teens & women feel more

Confident & Agile

in their ever-changing body's.




In a do do do, go getter and consumerism culture, we want to invite you to pause.

Learn to rest, listen to your body and bullet proof your mental health. 

Through mindful movement you will neutralizing your nervous system, feel less anxious, less overwhelmed and be able to navigate through change with ease.





Reconnect with your body, and allow yourself to feel more pleasure.

  • Shake up your routine
  • Help release any stagnant emotions
  • Explore self-expression
  • Cultivate your creativity
  • Build deep confidence beyond your mat & canvas

How? Emotions are energy in motion. When holding on too tightly, we create tension, we don't allow them to flow.

Using your breath, yogic movements, sound, and art, you can shift your energy into a lighter state. To feel more grounded & connect with your calm place within.

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What we do:

For Tweens & Teens

School Programs to give your kids and students a toolkit, to self-regulate their emotions, and enable them to face challenges with ease. The mental health statistics are alarming, let's turn the tide around together.

Community Classes

A mix of weekly classes, for adults, expecting mums, and parents with their kids. If you are local, in Logan City, QLD. Take a look at our timetable. 

For the Mamas

Learn powerful tools to smoothly transition into motherhood. From the moment you find out your pregnant, to taking care of your new little family member.  Support your body physically with love and grace. 

Book An Instructor

Get the ball rolling, to have a yoga instructor come to you and your group. See the sessions types we host below; 

Meet The Souls 
Behind Artsana

Brydie O'Halloran

Yoga Teacher
& Creative Therapist

Having studied the mind and human behavior, Brydies curiosity continues to grow to understand why we do the things we do...

Finding Yoga and arts gave her relief throughout her own life when feeling uncertain. So she now merges psychology, art, and yoga to help you tap into your creative power. 

Jackie Gith

 Yoga Teacher
& Creative Director

As a former photographer, I would see women struggling with their confidence and insecurities all the time. Saying "I wish I was more confident or  creative" or "I could never do that." This broke my heart, knowing that creativity and confidence is a learned skill.

We can be confident as kids, of course and then something might take that away, in an instant or over time. But with a little practice, we can get that sense of courage back. 

It's my mission to help you strengthen your creative muscle. Teaching you to reconnect with your body and to trust in your own abilities.

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I feel more flexible, stronger and free afterward. It was an amazing kickstart to get in better shape for this year. You have an amazing knack for teaching yoga. I really enjoyed it.


School Teacher

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I'm enjoying the classes, they are very good and I'm keeping the links so I can go back and visit my faves! I'm certainly feeling more grounded and relaxed after a session. I find i may do more than one session on a day.


Wonderfully relaxing. The flow of the asanas is very comfortable and enjoyable and I feel beautifully stretched, strengthened and calm afterwards. Jackie is a very capable, accommodating and accomplished teacher.


This is what I was looking for. Great teacher, easy going. Big fun.